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About Us

We manufacture concrete building panels for a wide range of use. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, enhanced by innovative working methods and strategies as well as a high level of efficiency, we are a leading partner for architects and contractors, both in The Netherlands and abroad.

Involvement - from start to finish

We are more than just a manufacturer and supplier of building components. We prefer to have an input at an early stage of the development of your plans. From simple designs to complex projects.

As far as external wall elements are concerned, this is the best guarantee for high quality and low costs.Right from the outset you can use the most practical or most cost-effective solution, without running the risk of having to adjust your plans at a later stage. This does not imply, however, that you cannot call on us at a later stage.After all, a flexible approach is our trade mark. And we may well surprise you. When appropriate, we will not only reply to your request in our quotation, but also by proposing an alternative. This illustrates how we feel about being involved in your project.

Building components as vectors of culture

We see the times we are living in reflected in our architecture. The master mason carries a great responsibility in this sense. He demands specific requirements of the building materials, in close consultation with the architect. Both in price and in quality. In workmanship and in appearance.

As manufacturer of concrete building components, we benefit from this by taking a flexible approach and playing an active role in consultation with its clients. For this, an innovative working method takes precedence over routine processing which is very fruitful.

We have provided structural and aesthetic concrete elements in a wide range of finishes, shapes and colours for many appealing projects in The Netherlands and abroad. Click on Projects and you will learn more about a selection of the projects we have been involved in.

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