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  • The Pontsteiger at the IJ River in Amsterdam

The Pontsteiger at the IJ River in Amsterdam

Powerful, grand, elegant ... the look of the new apartment complex being built on the top of the ferry jetty at the Houthaven in Amsterdam West, is impressive. Architects Arons & Gelauff signed for the special design that looks like a beautiful, modern city gate. Pontsteiger is built on the spot where years of the ferry landing was the Houthaven to Amsterdam-Noord. A phenomenal view, therefore, the area with an extensive view, thus, over the area with a wide industrial history. One area that will be transformed in the coming years to a sustainable neighborhood. Built on seven green, car-free island in the northern part of the Spaarndammerbuurt. With about two thousand neutral homes, more than seventy houseboats and amenities such as schools, restaurants and a health institution (Source website Pontsteiger).

We are proud to manufacture the façade panels for this project. These panels are carried out in white concrete using white cement and white norwegian marble aggregate with cast-in glazed stone strips by using the vacuum method.





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